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Understanding both the traveler and the property owner.

Our Mission

Helping you connect!

We know how difficult it is for travel nurses and other traveling healthcare professionals to find their home away from home.  This website allows property owners to find travelers who are coming their way for new assignments and travelers to find housing when signing up for new assignments.

Helping you find that good fit is our goal.

Because of our background, we are able to see the criterias needed for both property owners and travelers.

Rental Agreements for Travel Nurses and Property Owners
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About Us

We are part of both communities!

I am a nurse who understands the physical, emotional, and physiological stress that comes with a job in healthcare.  I know how, for traveling nurses and other professionals, housing can be another added stressor.  My husband and I are also property owners who rent out to traveling nurses and other healthcare professionals.  From this standpoint, we know the energy, time, and money that is needed to start a business to provide for your family.  There is the stress of “am I going to find tenants to keep my business afloat?”  We started this website to serve both property owners and traveling professionals and connect them with each other.

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